About ThinkWay

Who We Are

We are a strategy development, training and advisory services provider. We are basically agnostic when it comes to industry type, business type, or size though we tend to focus on small to mid-sized businesses: the heartbeat of the American economy. We also serve select non-profits.


Your Success Matters

We enable clients with strategy capabilities and tools so they can focus on the right work, align their teams, and accomplish their goals. Unlike consultancies, ThinkWay enables organizations. We provide the leading strategy development methodology, the exclusive web app, and our extensive experience helping organizations be successful in achieving their goals. Our services provide rapid development of strategies that are developed in a few days or a couple weeks as opposed to a traditional approach that takes weeks or months to develop. The strategies that you develop actually impact the way you run your organization and therefore begin to deliver results very quickly. 


Our Why

Five core beliefs drive what we do: 1) we believe business –free enterprise– is fundamentally designed for doing good; 2) we believe strategic thinking greatly improves a business’s chance for success; 3) businesses that are enabled with the methods and tools for strategic thinking will grow and do more good in society; 4) we can provide businesses with the best strategic thinking tools available; and 5) we do good in society by helping businesses grow and succeed.


Our Purpose

Enable the effective use of strategy for the greater good.


Our Mission

Enable leaders with robust strategy capabilities and tools so they succeed in work and life.


Our Vision

10,000 strategies in businesses that create value for people and in non-profits that strengthen moral character and relieve human suffering.


Larry McManis, Founder.

Larry’s Background

ThinkWay was founded by Larry McManis in 2008 after 30 years in high level strategy roles in global consumer products powerhouse Kraft Foods. He’s the pioneer and developer of ThinkWay’s strategy methodology and the ThinkPoints® web app for developing and tracking your strategies.

Larry started his career in various operations and research positions at Oscar Mayer. He advanced to positions leading major strategic initiatives at Oscar Mayer and then Kraft Foods before leading in various roles in Kraft global strategy. Besides his extensive strategic experience at Kraft Foods, Larry has helped an impressive array of clients including Mattel Toy Company including Fisher-Price, Saputo Cheese USA, Alliant Energy, Alliant Energy Transportation, Dane Manufacturing including Dantherm Cooling, Columbus Chemical Industries, KL Engineering, and other clients in manufacturing, transportation, financial services, furniture, as well as non-profit organizations. Larry is also a member of the Small Business Committee for Wisconsin Manufacturers & Commerce, Wisconsin’s state chamber and advocate for business.